How much does it cost?

Well let’s get down to brass tacks right away- this is a big question, and completely unique to each project and client. But there are some overall percentages of startup costs that are somewhat predictable. Use these as a general guide for getting started with us- whether you bring your design ready to go, or need to start from scratch. Our initial consultations are free, and we can provide more detailed and accurate numbers after seeing your home and learning about your project. Design – Approximately 5% of construction budget. Estimating – About 1% of construction budget. Construction – Budgets are 100% project and client dependent!

What happens if we find something during a renovation that we don’t expect?

This one’s easier- because we always expect to find the unexpected.  We all know that when digging into the walls and foundations of older homes, there will be plenty of things we see that are not straightforward.  We come prepared for these by explaining the likely possibilities we see in houses and projects like yours, and by recommending a contingency fee based on your specific house and scope that helps prepare for those unknowns. Our team has been through enough old houses to know what we usually find.

Should I renovate an existing home or just build a new house?

Price-wise, there are just too many variables to be able to say one way or the other is more or less expensive.  What we know is that renovating a house is a labor of love, and an intentional way to make a house exactly what you want.  Remodeling allows you to either stay or buy in a neighborhood or part of town that you love, knowing you can make it yours.  Updating an older home in Buncombe County is pretty much a fool-safe way to increase property and resale value.  Finding land in buncombe county can be quite a challenge, but if you find a piece you love, building a new house on it would be ideal- designing with the values most important to you.  We walk clients through this decision so frequently- if you want to discuss, give us the opportunity to help you decide what makes the most sense for your family.

Is Lobo Builders the best in town?

There are a lot of companies in town that are awesome! Some other local companies that specialize in remodels are Judd Builders, Jade Mountain Builders, Hands of Sean Perry, and JAG Construction.  Asheville is a small town, and we feel proud to be in the company of other reputable builders.  We also believe that a good fit is vital for the success of any project, and encourage potential clients to explore their possibilities!


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