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W2 Architects
FarmGirl Flower & Landscaping
Dunn Structural Engineering

The Situation

This project started with an old farmhouse whose lackluster exterior just didn’t quite match the amazing interior. The property had a few modern additions from the early 2000’s, but much more was needed to make this home shine. At the very least, this lodge needed a new front entrance that would denote the inner quality of the home. Additionally, the homeowners also had a vintage car collection in need of a safe and secure garage.

Our Approach

We decided to bring a rustic modern feel to the property through several new additions. Lobo Builders teamed up with the amazing duo from W2 Architects to create plans suitable for the site and vision. In collaboration with our team, we designed and constructed an impressive timber frame front porch entry, a stone clad two-story garage, and an interior office space to finish off the primary suite. To complete the exterior, we teamed with FarmGirl Flower and Landscaping for final scenic touches around the new rustic residence.
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